We value your feedback – amendment

Please see below amendments (highlighted in bold & underlined) to the post published earlier today.

As a school, we value your feedback as parents and carers.  At parents’ information evenings, parents and carers are asked to complete short questionnaires designed to gather data on key areas.  This feedback has been collated below:

  • 88% of parents across the stages sampled feel the school helps their child to be more confident
  • 94% say their child enjoys learning at school
  • 96.5% say their child’s learning is progressing well
  • 86% say their child is encouraged and stretched to work to the best of their ability
  • 77% feel well-informed about their child’s progress
  • 86.5% are happy with the school overall

We are committed to doing our best for the young people of Nairn Academy, and your feedback indicates key areas of focus are asking for the views of parents (63% positive feedback)- through questionnaires, surgeries and meetings, newsletters etc.- and taking parents’ and carers’ views into account (60% positive feedback).

If you are interested in helping to develop new ways of collaborating with parents and sharing feedback, please contact Mrs Macdonald at the school. Over the coming months, we will look more carefully at how else we might share and gather feedback. In the meantime, we will continue to circulate questionnaires at open evenings and events, and to share news in our newsletters and via Facebook, our blog and newly designed website.