For parents and carers of pupils in Nairn Academy

You may be aware that there were changes last week in the Highland Council options being considered regarding budgets cuts affecting school staffing, and a perceived u-turn on some proposals. However, the issue of cuts in education has not gone away, and if cuts go through there will be impact on all pupils at the school. It is likely that the impact will be seen most in secondary schools, including teacher reductions in all schools that have a roll over 250 pupils. Nairn Academy cuts will include a loss of two teachers – perhaps more. This will impact the availability of subject choices and levels of qualifications offered for our children. There will be even more pressure on teachers affecting morale, recruitment and retention. The school leadership team will not have sufficient time to manage the school as they will be covering class teaching. Reduced staffing will have an impact on all pupils in the class including those with additional support needs, these are just some of the impacts of the proposed cuts.

A letter is below which we have sent to all Highland Councillors, MSPs and key Highland Council officials.  We encourage you to email the people who will make the budget decisions – the elected members – to raise your own concerns. You can endorse the attached letter or adapt it to emphasise your particular concerns.  The attachment includes the email contacts you need.

Please speak to anyone else who can help to raise awareness of this issue. Raise it on social media, contact the press, and contact other parents and ask them to do the same.

The only chance we have to impact budget decisions on 15th February is to raise awareness of this issue and ask for support. Thank you in anticipation of your help.

Graeme Bell
Nairn Academy Parent Council

Letter regarding Highland Council Budget Cuts