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Studying Art and Design helps young people to develop both practical skills and creative thinking skills.  Through a variety of learning experiences at Nairn, pupils will gain knowledge, expertise, self-confidence an adaptability – all important skills which they will need to cope with the demands of a changing society.  The courses taught will also equip young people to persue creative careers, e.g. in areas of product or digital design – these are professions which are a realistic and exciting choice for young people today , as the demand for designers increases in this digital age.  Studying Art & Design can also be beneficial for other career choices, as students studying a range of subjects are more likely to become well-rounded individuals, capable of excelling in a wider range of professions.

Coursework splits equally into Expressive and Design and incorporates a wide variety of media and technology.  Expressive units explore genres such as portraiture and still life, and motivate all levels of ability by providing opportunities for self-expression.  In Design units, pupils work to a design brief and problem solve to create exciting solutions in areas such as graphic design, body adornment, and product design.  As well as practical approaches, pupils study the work of both historical and contemporary artists and designers.

All pupils are able to study Art & Design in S1-S3 as part of the broad general education.  They can then proceed to National 3/4/5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses.  There is also a folio preparation course in S6.

Pupils work from all levels is featured annually in the Nairn Book and Arts Festival.  S3 animated films have also screened and won prizes at a number of young people’s animation festivals.

Art and Design staff:

Mrs R McBride
Mrs J Philip