Welcome to Biology!

Biology is the study of life. Developing an understanding of Biology helps us understand ourselves and the natural world around us. We study Biology at the level of the molecule, the cell, the whole living thing and at the level of groups of plants and animals.

Biological knowledge is changing constantly. The Biology courses have been designed to give pupils an understanding of the applications of Biology in many areas of everyday life. It should also form a firm foundation for further studies in the subject. Biology is recognised as an important entry qualification for many courses such as the Medical Sciences, Agriculture, Teaching and Nursing.

Biology is on offfer in Nairn Academy along with Chemistry and Physics.

Biology course offered in Nairn Academy include:

National 3, 4 and 5

Higher Human Biology
Advanced Higher (S6 only)

Biology department staff:
Miss J Bain – Faculty Head (Science)
Dr J Kinghorn (also Chemistry)
Mr D Sutherland

Mrs L Sullivan