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Business Education Department

The Business Education Department allows pupils the ability to acquire useful and transferable skills and knowledge which allows them to access, understand, and contribute to the dynamic and complex business and information environment we now live and work in. Whatever career pathway pupils choose, these skills will enhance their individual effectiveness and prepare them for the next stage of their life.

The department offers the following courses:

  • Administration and IT (S3 – S6)
  • Business Management (S3 – S6)

Business Education

This Course is designed to develop learners’ understanding of the way in which businesses operate. Through activities relating to enterprise and customer care, learners will be encouraged to develop skills for work.

Learners will also benefit in their personal lives both from the knowledge they gain of basic business concepts and the skills they learn. Learners will also broaden their understanding of the role that information and communications technology (ICT) plays in business.

Administration and IT (National 3 – Higher)

Administration is a growing sector which cuts across the entire economy and offers wide-ranging employment opportunities. Administrative and IT skills have extensive application not only in employment but also in other walks of life.

The key purpose of this course is to develop learners’ administrative and IT skills and, ultimately, to enable them to contribute to the effective functioning of organisations in administrative positions.

Business Management (National 3 – Higher)

Business plays an important role in society. We all rely on businesses to create wealth, prosperity, jobs and choices. Therefore, it is essential for society to have effective businesses and business managers to sustain this role.

The course is suitable for all learners interested in entering the world of business — whether as a manager, employee or self-employed person — as it gives learners knowledge of the business environment. The course fosters a greater understanding of how people contribute to business success. As a consequence, learners will be better informed about business and able to make an effective contribution to society as consumers, employees, employers or self-employed people.

The combination of practical and theoretical aspects and ICT-based learning will enable learners to apply their skills and knowledge to real-life business contexts. By developing many transferable skills, the course prepares learners for everyday life, the world of work, or further study of business and other business related disciplines. It deepens understanding of businesses and highlights a range of business-based career opportunities that are available within all business sectors.

Business Education Staff

Miss K Urquhart – Faculty Head (Business and Modern Languages)