Welcome to Technology!

The Technology Department at Nairn Academy offers pupils the opportunity to learn about design, graphic communication and practical craft skills. During S1, S2 and S3 the department offers a Broad General Education (BGE) Technology course which focusses on all the different areas of Technology. In S3 an element of choice is introduced and pupils can choose from Design & Manufacture, Graphic Communication and Practical Woodwork.

Pupils will cover the following areas during BGE Technology:

  • Learning about different manual drawing techniques, including 2D and 3D drawing, sketching and rendering.
  • Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to produce 3D models.
  • Investigating different types of materials and manufacture processes.
  • Learning about the design process and producing models of different designs.
  • Learning about sustainable materials with a focus on sustainable housing design.
  • Learning about different hand tools and machines in the workshop and how to use them safely.
  • Measuring, marking out, cutting, shaping and assembling different materials in the workshop to produce wood, metal and plastic models.
  • Evaluating finished work and looking at how to develop and improve skills.

In the Senior Phase of the school (S4,S5 and S6), the Technology Department offers a range of courses with a strong emphasis on developing skills for the future and links to further education and careers. The following courses are available for Senior students:

  • National 4 & 5 Design & Manufacture
  • National 4 & 5 Graphic Communication
  • National 4 & 5 Practical Woodwork
  • Higher Design & Manufacture
  • Higher & Advanced Higher Graphic Communication
  • Vocational Woodwork

Technology Department Staff:

  • Mrs S Sharkey – Faculty Head (Creative and Expressive)
  • Mr S Pattison
  • Ms L Anderson
  • Mr Leith (Technician)

The Technology Department run a BLOG that shows all the exciting projects we are working on, Tech Heroes of the week, reminders for homework, new inventions and designs and competitions and general information for all Technology classes. We also have an Instagram account. Please take a look and follow the blog and Instagram account for regular updates from the department.