Modern Languages

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A number of universities now require applicants to have at least a National 4 and/or National 5 qualification in a modern foreign language (Grade 3 or better) as part of their general entrance requirements for admission.

Parents of pupils aiming for admission to university at a later date are recommended to include the study of French, Spanish or German as one of their course options.

The benefits of studying a foreign language such as French, Spanish or German include:

  • Learning another language helps you understand your own language better.
  • By learning other languages you learn to understand the way of life of the people who speak them.
  • Speaking to people in their own language is fun – you get a real buzz when you manage to make yourself understood and it helps your confidence
  • If you know another language you can take up opportunities to study or even work abroad. It can also help you get a job in this country.

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