Home Economics

Welcome to Home Economics!

Here you will find useful information about who we are, the courses and recipes on offer at the Academy, and more! This page is currently under construction for the coming school year (2014-15) and we hope to update it on a regular basis throughout the session.
Home Economics is a subject which focuses on health, textile and consumer technology. Theory covered in class is consolidated with practical activities, which offer a dynamic and exciting learning environment.

Curriculum for Excellence Courses
This S1/S2 course is practical and focuses on topics such as food preparation, nutrition, textiles and diet. The course also teaches pupils knowledge about lifestyle and consumer issues. Pupils learn through practical activity. The course is designed to allow each child to develop a range of skills which allow them to work independently and collaboratively in the future.
In S3 pupils will follow a mainly practical based course as part of their Broad General Education which gives them the opportunity to experience the wider aspects of food preparation. Pupils will have the opportunity to:
• Develop practical food handling and preparation skills – progress from S1/2
• Develop confidence in the preparation and cooking of food.
• Enhance knowledge of healthy eating
• Extend knowledge of foods from other cultures/countries and traditions
• Celebration Cookery –, foods for Special Occasions e.g. Christmas
• Achieve an industry standard and recognised R.E.H.I.S. qualification in food hygiene.

In the Senior Phase (S4 and above) pupils will have the opportunity to choose to study National 3/4/5 Hospitality Practical Cookery.
Practical Cookery qualifications develop a range of cookery skills and processes, as well as food preparation techniques. Planning and producing meals and presenting them appropriately, learners develop understanding of ingredients from a variety of different sources, as well as of their uses and responsible sourcing and sustainability. Learners develop understanding of the impact of the choice of ingredients on health and wellbeing, and embed food safety and hygiene skills. Further details of the course can be found by following the web link below.

Home Economics staff:
Mrs J Stewart – Faculty Head (Health and Wellbeing)
Mrs E Iles (General Auxiliary)