The-School-of-AthensWelcome to RMPS!

Some of you may ask what RMPS actually is. Well, Religious Moral & Philosophical Studies has evolved over the years into an engaging and stimulating subject which covers a broad range of topics, from ultimate questions like “Is there life after death?” to issues such as whether it is ever right to execute someone for committing a crime. There is also now a strong emphasis on philosophy and pupils are encouraged to develop their reasoning skills.

The pupils at Nairn Academy enjoy the subject as it gives them a chance to voice their own opinions about serious and everyday issues. Over time, these opinions should develop into informed views which will stand them in good stead for life, learning and work. After all, as humans we make moral decisions on how to live on a daily basis; from choosing what to eat (is it right to eat animals? Is our food ethically sourced?) to choosing which transport to take (would riding a bike be greener? Should I car pool?).

I hope you enjoy looking over the topics which the pupils study in the subject.

Ultimate Questions (Does God exist? Do Aliens exist? What is the meaning of life?)
Animism (Aborigines, Wicca, Druids & Celts)
India, Poverty & Mother Teresa (Pupils get the chance to raise money for Lepra)
Martin Luther King & RacismMLK
Animal Rights
Lord of the Flies
Issues of Life & Death:

  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia
  • Environmental Philosophy

National 4/5
In S4 pupils take the National 4 or 5 qualification which includes 3 units plus an assignment (Added Value Unit). The 3 units are:

  • Crime & Justice
  • Philosophy
  • Judaism (Jewish history, belief and relevance in the modern world)

N4 Added Value Unit – pupils pose their own moral question and answer it in an assignment where they look at different views and finally come to their own conclusion.

N5 Added Value Unit – pupils pose their own moral question and prepare to answer it within an hour under exam conditions. Their answer will cover the topic in more depth than the N4.

Nairn Academy enjoys manys pupils electing the subject in S5/6 and results at this level are consistently excellent.

The Higher course includes 3 units:

  • Medical Ethics (moral philosophy, euthanasia & embryology)
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Buddhism

Teaching Staff in RMPS:
Miss K Richardson
Ms A Dolan