Nairn Academy Mobile Device Policy – Review

As part of our ongoing evaluation of supporting positive behaviour in school and the community we have been reviewing our current policy with regard to the increasing use of mobile devices by pupils whilst engaged in the school day.

Mobile devices (and headphones) have become a key part of everyday life for most children, young people and many adults. Mobile devices are a vital form of communication in the modern world and, given this, it would be unreasonable to ban pupils from taking them to school. However, we recognised that the school needs clear guidelines to address the issues raised by their presence on site and to ensure they do not hinder effective learning and teaching.

We believe that the school should be preparing young people to use modern technology in a safe and responsible way and given this we are drafting a policy that limits pupils’ access to mobile devices for the parts of the school day but also includes approved use of mobile phones in appropriate circumstances. The draft policy can be found by clicking on the following link.

Nairn Academy Phone Device Policy Draft Nov 2017

If you have any observations or queries with regard to this draft policy please contact the school and direct your comments to Mr Chalmers, Deputy Head Teacher.