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Parent Focus Group

September 2015
Feedback / queries from sample S1 parent phone calls to see how term 1 was progressing.

10 February 2014
The theme for this discussion was Vision and Values.  Please click here for the feedback.  The next steps will be to include feedback from staff who participated in a similar exercise in February and also pupil representatives.  We will aim to collate returns and pull together a revised statement for Nairn Academy.  Thank you to those parents who volunteered their time and contributed to the discussion.  The date of the next Parent Focus group meeting will be posted on the website shortly (it will be into next term).

Parents’ Meeting Questionnaire Feedback:

S5/S6 Parents’ Meeting ~ Monday 24 November 2014
S3 Parents’ Meeting ~ 13 March 2014
S4 Parents’ Meeting ~ 5 March 2014
S1 Parents questionnaire 2013

You said …. We did

You said …. We did…. – Settling in pupil focus group, September 2015

You Said …… We Did ……