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Parent Council -minutes of meeting 31-01-17

Message dated 22 March 2016

As budget cuts bite deep, Nairn Academy Parent Council wishes to raise awareness that the need to support our school and broaden educational opportunities for all pupils here in Nairn has never been greater and in an attempt to address this  we have launched our Local Giving page. The page will always display a list of items which we would like to purchase for the school and the shopping list will always be for items that benefit every pupil, not just small groups. If we can buy lightbulbs or repair lockers the school can spend it’s £130 per pupil budget on more creative endeavours.  The site is easy to use, donations can be a one off or monthly and the added benefit is that we can claim gift aid if you are a tax payer. Please take a look at the link below and help us to provide valuable funds for our children’s education..

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Please click on the above logo to find out more about FONA.  If you are keen to show your support the bank standing order form and information on how you could win one of 2 cash prizes can be downloaded here.

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