What I’m Really Thinking

Young people from Nairn Youth Forum and Nairn Academy Pupil Council have come together to produce an ambitious Positive Mental Health Project, “What I’m Really Thinking”,  in response to the message from peers that a high proportion of young people suffer from issues affecting their mental well-being.  Young people often experience anxiety, feelings of being under pressure, low self-esteem, feelings of isolation and fear and of not achieving.  As well as school time activities next week everyone interested in young people’s positive mental health is invited to come to a special event:

What I’m really thinking….

a  choice of short fun informal workshops on the pressures of being a teenager in 2018

……and how best to support them!

6.30-8.30pm Tuesday 24 April at Nairn Academy

* NHS Primary Mental Health Workers    * WAVE               * Mindful Forces

* High Life Highland Youth Services    * HLH Ranger Service

* THC Youth Action & local teenagers

 tea and coffee included


SCHOLAR’s upcoming Online Sessions

Higher English Tuesday,        17 April @ 6:00 pm
Higher Biology Wednesday,  18 April @ 6:00 pm
Higher Maths Thursday,      19 April @ 6:00 pm

Join a session by following this link: http://heriot-watt.adobeconnect.com/scholarhomework and enter as a guest.

For more information on how to take part in Online Sessions as well as upcoming sessions, please visit: SCHOLAR’s Live Online Sessions

Please note that worksheets will be available and should be attempted before some sessions.

Regular updates via: Twitter @SCHOLARuk and Facebook SCHOLARprogramme

The Highland Council Apprentice Day

The Highland Council Apprentice Day is organised in partnership with High Life Highland Youth Services on an annual basis.  It is an opportunity for young people in secondary school to shadow senior managers working in the public sector for a day.  No experience is necessary, but in advance attendees send a short profile of themselves and an indication of what they would like most to learn about. 

 This year, on March 20, Nairn Youth Forum members Rowen Henderson and Scott Main attended. Rowen shadowed Steve Barron, the Chief Executive of The Highland Council and Scott shadowed Iain Morrison, Dean of Students, UHI.

Scott Main

“I thoroughly enjoyed Apprentice Day when I job shadowed Dr Iain Morrison (Dean of Students) at the University of The Highlands and Islands. I learned so much on the day and felt very involved in all the meetings we had.  They encouraged me to engage in discussions and listened to my point of view.

What I learned during the day actually helped me choose the best route into my career future.  I realise that I will need to get some “life experience” first before joining the Police.

At the end of the day all the managers and their apprentices held a debrief together.  Both the people being shadowed and the young people agreed they had learnt a lot from each other and enjoyed their day.

I personally really enjoyed my day and would encourage all young people to take part in an Apprentice day if they get the chance.”

 Rowen Henderson

“The apprentice day was an amazing opportunity for all the young people involved. I was lucky enough to be shadowing Steve Barron the CEO of The Highland Council. I also had the opportunity to go round and meet some of the awesome people working in his team.

First I met with the PR department: the people behind all the press releases, news stories and social media management. I found it really interesting to see how they dealt with all the news stories and the large amounts of social media, as well as getting to see how they made their graphics.

I also got to meet with the emergency planning team who coordinate responses to local and national emergencies such as oil spills or the recent bad weather. This was super interesting. They talked about a thing called “company resilience” which was about ensuring the level certain systems would still be able to function at in the event of an emergency:   for example if there was a large amount of illness amongst The Highland Council staff, how would they continue to provide their service?

With Steve Barron I got to go to a hub for children in care at Clachnaharry (the first of its kind in the Highlands). They had recently started up a place where children in care could go to learn things such as how to do their laundry, cooking for themselves, search for jobs and get involved in activities so they could meet each other. It was genuinely eye opening for me. There is so much to learn about children in care, for me and I imagine, for the majority of people.

I also got to go to some of Steve Barron’s meetings with him and I was intrigued by the dynamic of how they worked. There was hard negotiation between Steve Barron and whoever he was talking with, which I greatly admired. There were no one sided conversations with him, everyone was getting their say. This really highlighted how social skills such as negotiating with other people or being able to properly articulate ideas to one another are so important—I imagine for all jobs, not just ones in the public sector.

The apprentice day was an incredibly informative day for me.  Everyone at the Council and those helping out were really nice to me and supported me fully.  It was a great opportunity to look into the adult world of work at The Highland Council from the perspective of a young person, and I urge anyone granted the chance to take part and not let something like this pass them by.”






Front gates this morning (8.30-8.50am)

We had 2 near misses this morning with cars not driving at the required speed nor stopping to let pupils cross.  There was a significant increase in the number of cars dropping pupils off today with many coming into school and not adhering to the 5 MPH.  This is essential to ensure the safety of our pupils.  Our preference, to avoid any potential safety risks, is that parents do not come into the school but drop off on Duncan Drive.  We seek parents support with this.

Belgium trip

An early start for pupils and staff as they left Nairn heading away on the Belgium trip this morning (Tuesday).  An update from staff  (9pm) – all are safely now on the ferry. Pupils have been commended on their excellent conduct by both the guide and bus driver.  We look forward to hearing all about their travels!