Ballet Black Aspiring Young Dancers Workshop


A wonderful opportunity to train with Ballet Black! The class will focus on placement and technique to challenge each participant to their best ability and give you an insight into being a professional dancer.
Participants will get the chance to learn Cira’s Solo from The Suit by Cathy Marston, so please bring a clothes hanger and a T-shirt!

If the workshop is attended the student can access the magnificent performance on the same evening for £5.

Ballet Masterclass for Aspiring Young Dancers led by Senior Artist Cira Robinson
Monday 4th June Eden Court Theatre

To Book please follow the link below

S1 Shieling visit

As part of our S1 Nairn One World course, S1 pupils will visit the Shieling Project. Some pupils visited this week and took part in a range of activities including turf cutting and wall building, collecting flowers/plants to use as dye for wool, baking bread, using a cob oven and learning about life in the Shieling and how it compares with today. Despite the varying weather across the week, pupils took part and had a great experience in outdoor learning.

S2 Interdisciplinary Project ‘Survival days’

All S2 pupils will have a different learning experience on Mon 28th and Tues 29th May where they will work across subjects looking at ‘survival skills’.  They will get full details in school on Monday.  To help the preparation for this, please note S2 pupils do not need to wear dress code and they do need to have PE kit on both days.  On each day, S2 should go to registration as normal and then head to the canteen at the start of p1.

Activity Day – Thursday, 24 May 2018

• Letter Slip/Consent Forms – must be in before pupils can go.

• Disclaimer Form – if you have been given a form it must be signed by a Parent/Guardian otherwise you will not be allowed to take part in the activity.

• Electronic Devices – taken at own risk.

• Medical – must bring medication if required.

• Clothing – dress appropriately for the weather/activity i.e. if it’s going to be hot please bring a hat, if raining ensure you wear waterproof clothing (check the weather forecast).

• Suntan Lotion!

• Behaviour – usual high standards expected.

• Bring plenty of water and snacks.

• Order Grab and Go if required – must be ordered TODAY (Wednesday, 23 May 2018)!